Spanish Adventures, 8-week program. Wednesday's, 3:30 - 4:30 pm EST

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Limited to 8 students per session

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Spanish Adventures at home and Around the World.   

Learning a second language at a young age is very beneficial, easy, and fun. This interactive online Spanish class is ideal for younger students who want to have a fun activity after school - they won’t even notice how much they are learning. Children will practice the basics of the language while doing crafts, playing games, singing songs, and conversing with our experienced teachers. Students will be introduced to fun facts about the different cultures that speak this wonderful language. The class is designed to maximize new vocabulary acquisition while increasing the interest in learning foreign languages by making them fun.

Class Times: Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:30 pm EST (NOTE: no class Oct. 5) 

Fluency Level: Beginner

Duration: 8-week program, 1-hr per session per week 

Class Size: Maximum of 8 students per session

Age/Grade: Ideal for kids aged 8-12 but younger/older kids welcomed too!

Parent Info: Lessons will be hosted over Zoom. Siblings should purchase separately and have their own device if attending same lesson.

Materials: In addition to a computer with internet connection, children need a pen, paper, and markers handy for the class. The teacher may occasionally request a worksheet be printed prior to class.


Teacher: Elizabeth Conroy

Senora Conroy has many years of experience teaching Spanish in public schools in MA. Her adventurous spirit has also taken her around the world – she has taught English in Japan and the Philippines in the 1980’s and she did the famous trek in Europe El Camino De Santiago where she practiced her Spanish skills.

She has a BA in Elementary and Bilingual Education from Boston College and a MA in Educational Management from Lesley University.

She also has many currently active certifications and professional Licenses, including: Sheltered English Immersion (SEI), Elementary Education, Bilingual Elementary K-8 education, and more.



About Us


At Fun World Language Academy, we bring the brain-building benefits of bilingualism to young children and expand their cultural horizon. Through high-quality language immersion classes, we increase the new generation’s cultural awareness and foster curiosity about the world as a global community. We also offer school-wide holidays, celebrations, and events that enhance the understanding and exposure to the many cultures represented in our community.

We are a team of native speakers of various languages, and our teachers have expertise in teaching in the US and abroad. We strongly believe that it is highly beneficial for young children to learn a second language earlier than the age offered by most public schools.

Moreover, the goal of our school is to encourage children to continue their language studies until they are fluent by acquiring a solid academic foundation in their chosen language.

We fill the gap between early preschool years and the time when public schools start to offer languages. At Fun World Language Academy, games and activities, a friendly community, and well-prepared environment foster a love of language and a passion for learning.


Not only do children learn a new language faster than adults, but it also enriches and expands their brains. Numerous studies have shown that this faster acquisition is due to the nature of their developing minds. Additionally, there are scientifically demonstrated differences in the brain activity of multilingual children. More regions of the brain are being used, extra neurons are activated, and a special flexibility of thinking sets in. Even if children don’t continue to practice their second language as adults, the benefits they gain from using it at a young age remain.

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