Single Session: Cou Cou: Play-Based French . Wednesdays (Age 3-5)

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Class size limited to 8 learners

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The students will learn French by being introduced to vocabulary words and simple sentence structures. Each session will incorporate games, crafts, music, and stories for a fun interactive virtual experience! Every session will have a theme that will be distributed to the students prior to the start of class. Themes include food/nutrition, sports, transportation, cities/towns, etc. Most importantly, this is an interactive and social session where we want to hear your child laugh and play while learning!


External Resources: Join link and activity information will be sent directly from Ily, inc. A minimum of three (3) student registrations required for class. You will recieve notification if minimum participation is not met in order to select an alternate session.

Duration: 1-hour lessons

Recurrence: Single session

Class Size: 4-8 learners per class

Age/Grade: Ages 3-5 years

Teacher Experience:

Ily providers and teachers have, at minimum, three years of experience in their field of expertise. All Ily professionals are subject to extensive verification including national background checks, sex offenders, DMV, SSN as well as maintenance of appropriate in-field certification. Each professional participates in ongoing trainings to ensure teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in delivering content consistent with Ily standards.


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