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This session with an expert academic coach helps students and parents have an open and honest conversation about academics. Many parents notice that their students struggle with things like homework management, time management, project completion, dissatisfaction with grades, and lots of other challenges in the classroom.

Our coaches set up a framework that allows parents to communicate their concerns in a calm and structured environment and aids students in finding their own voice and vision. During these sessions, coaches help you understand your student's progress and challenges, allowing families to walk away with a better sense of what is ahead and how to work towards goals together.



Session Goals: Coming out of this session, students will be able to:

  • Identify their 1 to 3 major skill goals for the academic year
  • Have a sense of their academic skills and areas of improvement
  • Understand how to use basic tools to better understand themselves

Recurrence: Single session

Session length: 1 hr

Grade/Age: 14+

Class size: 1 student/family per session

Supply list: Please come prepared with your most recent GPA, course list for this academic year, SAT/ACT test scores (if any), draft college list (if any), and essay topics or drafts (if relevant). Optional printer access recommended for in-session exercises. 

Parent Notes: Come to the session prepared to answer questions about your student and their academic performance. A little reflection ahead of time makes for a productive session. 

Teacher Experience: Signet’s academic coaches have all been professionally trained in a traditional non-directive coaching methodology. That’s a fancy way of saying we put students in the driver’s seat. As we mentioned earlier, our coaches’ job is to help students understand what they want and how to most effectively get there. Our academic coaches are listed on this page:


About Signet Education:


At Signet, we help teens find their path through high school, college, and beyond through a suite of academic and coaching services including one to one tutoring, standardized test prep, admissions consulting, and academic coaching.

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