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Finally. Social emotional lessons that are quick, interactive & actually fun.
Ringbeller employs TED-style “edutainment” featuring lovable original characters alongside some of the most interesting personalities and diverse representatives shaping pop culture, science, and the arts.  These luminaries meet the urgent call for educational equity and access in a fresh, new way. 
Unlike most social emotional learning solutions which rely on archaic two-dimensional measurement tools, at Ringbeller, kids playfully interact with us using conversational AI and creator tools and actively learn social emotional skills in the process, the kind 21st century stakeholders (administrators, community leaders, and parents) can assess for the first time ever at scale. 
Some of Ringbeller's featured interviews: 
Ira Glass: Host, This American Life
Nikkolas Smith: Disney Imagineer
Maneet Chauhan: FoodNetwork's Chopped
Seth Godin: Bestselling Author
Nathan Pyle: Creator of Strange Planet
Gitanjali Rao: Time Magazine's first Kid of the Year
and many more...


$4.99/mo. subscription includes: Access to the growing Ringbeller library of interactive lessons and activities. Monthly personalized videos for you and your kids.

How it works:

Watch a video: Each 5 minute video gives kids access to a remarkable leader using social emotional skills to succeed.

Talk about it: Next, discussion questions pop up on screen helping kids connect the dots to their own lives.

Play and interact: Finally, each video comes with an interactive project that helps kids apply these skills in real-time.


About Ringbeller

Beyond meeting the urgency of the current climate, Ringbeller holds a longterm vision to become the authoritative platform for social emotional learning, constantly innovating fun and efficacious ways to teach the next generation the skills they will need to thrive in a 21st century economy.

We can’t do it alone though. It will take a whole community of humans invested in the wellbeing of our planet’s future, economically, socially, and creatively. Join us on our mission to make our planet’s future more creative and kind.

Founded by author, speaker, and media producer, CJ Casciotta in 2018, Ringbeller is a media and technology company developing interactive and outcomes-based edutainment focused on social emotional learning for children grades K-12 and early childhood learners.

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