Intro to Financial Adulting, 90-minute, Tues & Thurs, Grades 6+

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Class size limited to 10 students

Product Description

The Urban Dictionary defines "adulting" as (in part) "to do grown up things and hold responsibilities." In this introductory workshop, we will introduce the personal finance tools that your high schooler is going to need as they start to make independent financial decisions.

They will be introduced to the tools and best practices to help them make responsible choices when banking, budgeting, managing credit cards, and understanding taxes.

Students will exit the class with a list of financial to-dos that will give their high school graduation check list a head start. 

Duration: Single session

Recurrence: non-recurring

Session Length: 1.5 hour per session 

Age: Best for 14-18 year olds

Class size: maximum 10 students

Parent Notes: To monitor and encourage student engagement, cameras must be on, and students must be on the camera for the entire length of the class. Additionally, all participants must be enrolled as students and have their own devices.


About Sumeit Aggarwal:

Sumeit Aggarwal is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Finhive, a social enterprise dedicated to providing financial education to communities and small businesses. She is a Nearpod Certified Educator, an award-winning student engagement platform.

Sumeit earned her Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University, MBA from Babson College and was recently featured by Babson for fighting the gender investment gap. She holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University.


About Us

Finhive is a social enterprise dedicated towards providing educational services designed to build financial capability. Founded in 2017, Finhive is about living a confident and intentional financial life. Our core mission is to build financially educated communities by teaching a set of skills and behaviors that individuals and families need to reach their personal, family, and community financial goals.

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