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Personal Mastery for K-12

The engaged learner, working at her pace through a transparent learning progression, is at the very heart of a personal mastery system. However, designing curriculum in a personalized learning system requires alignment of the standard, assessment, and instructional strategy with respect to the capacities of the individual learner. Core-LX enables educators to create and deliver competency-based, personalized and blended learning for all grades and subjects.

In Core-LX, each student moves through mastery-based progressions and advances only upon producing verifiable evidence of mastery. On the path to mastery, teachers have the flexibility to match instructional activities and approaches to the needs of each student by drawing from a rich, remixable library of curated and customizable learning resources.

As part of the annual subscription, learners gain access to the entire Core Learning Exchange curriculum with pathways including: 

  • Adobe Certifications and Digital Arts

  • Agricultural Science

  • Automotive

  • Business, Finance, Management and Marketing

  • Career Exploration and Career Readiness

  • Computer Programming

  • Construction Trades (Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Solar, Building Maintenance, Electrical)

  • Cosmetology

  • Culinary Arts

  • Engineering and STEM

  • Health Sciences

  • IT

  • And more being added every week


About Us

Core Learning Exchange is committed to progressing competency-based, personalized, and blended learning while promoting student equity and equal access to quality education. In the U.S., students now carry nearly $1.5 trillion in tuition-related debt, representing 7.7% of GDP. Labor statistics still point out that a college education will result in higher earnings over the course of a person’s working life. However, as the demand for labor shifts towards middle-skill jobs (for example, skills can be acquired without attending college through apprenticeships, hands-on learning, specific skills such as technicians or carpenters or welders), it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to recruit and retain people who are targeting employment rather than college as they graduate from high school.

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