College List Strategy Session

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This session with an expert admissions consultant and former admissions officer helps students prepare for and understand the process of applying to college, specifically the most important strategic step of the process: building the college list.
Over the course of a one hour, one on one session, a student will both learn more about admissions as a process and gain a deeper understanding of their own candidacy, goals, and next steps, including what types of schools they should consider, how to research whether a school is a good fit for them, and whether they might want to apply early.


Session Goals: Coming out of this session, students will:

  • Learn what makes a good college fit 
  • Learn how many schools a student should apply to
  • Learn how to research colleges
  • Learn how to understand if a college is a reach, target, or likely school
  • Learn how to strategize about early applications


Recurrence: Single session

Session length: 1 hr

Grade/Age: 17+

Class size: 1 student/family per session

Supply list: Please come prepared with your most recent GPA, course list for this academic year, SAT/ACT test scores (if any), draft college list (if any), and essay topics or drafts (if relevant). Optional printer access recommended for in-session exercises. 

Parent Notes: Come to the session prepared to answer questions about your student and their academic performance. A little reflection ahead of time makes for a productive session. 

Teacher Experience: Alison M.

Alison joined Signet Education in 2022, bringing with her nearly two decades of experience working in selective college admissions. In addition to being a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), she graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Anthropology.

Alison M. stands out because:

  • She read thousands of college applications and made admissions decisions for 12 years at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • As a private school college counselor for over 7 years, she has helped countless students navigate course selection, extracurriculars, college lists, standardized testing, college essays, and athletic recruiting.
  • She loves being the biggest cheerleader for her students as they navigate each of their unique journeys.
Clients and students love Alison because:
  • She is incredibly student-centered and holistic in her counseling.
  • She is friendly, knowledgeable, and meticulously organized.
  • She is an expert on how applications are read at selective colleges and what families go through in the process of preparing and applying to college.


About Signet Education:


At Signet, we help teens find their path through high school, college, and beyond through a suite of academic and coaching services including one to one tutoring, standardized test prep, admissions consulting, and academic coaching.

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