A Culinary Journey with Chef Derrick Teh

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Share...it's a communal table..  

Give your kids a unique experience of learning 1:1 from a professional chef with Cheft virtual classes.

Cheft chefs will take a look inside your pantry (just snap a few photos to send their way), tailor a gourmet meal, and then join you and your kids over Zoom for a virtual cooking class. 

On top of learning the recipe the Cheft chefs bring their cultures and stories to the session. Kids learn not only about the food but the cultural influences that shape what they prepare.  


Duration: 1 evening

Recurrence: None

Session Length: 

Registration and Participant Information: Check Your Email! Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to cordinate with the chef and prepare for your event. 

Parent Note: One registration necessary per family. Children should possess basic cooking skills and kitchen safety practices. 


Instructor Information:

Chef Derrick Teh was born and raised on the beautiful island of North Borneo and he's been cooking professionally for over. ten years. He honed his skills cooking Italian, New American, French, Spanish and Japanse cuisine. Several years ago he began his own pop-up series, Sekali, featuring Malaysian and Southeast Asian cuisine to showcase the variety of foods in that region. Sekali means "once" in Malay and that was the concept of his pop-up series - changing the menu each time. Sekali was recently named Boston's best pop-up series by Boston Magazine

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