1-week Stock Market Investing for Beginners July Summer Camp-- Grades 6-9, AM & PM Sessions

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Minimum students 3. Maximum students 10.

Product Description

Building the entrepreneurial mindset

We have recreated the magic of an investing camp for virtual delivery where students will play investing games in a group setting. Students will be introduced to the investing landscape (stocks, bonds, crypto assets, and much more) and the nuts and bolts of stock investing. Learn about the ups and downs and ins and outs of investing and the stock market through activities such as daily deals, beat the stock market and interactive investing games.

Play a fast-paced stock simulation game that will tie all topics together in a fun engaging way. Concepts like investment goals, risk tolerance, valuation metrics, portfolio diversification, etc., strategies, and mechanics of investing, as well as the risks inherent in different investments will be explored. Join us and discover the why, what, and how of investing!

If you have a curious middle or high schooler who is looking to learn about investing wisely, this is the program for them. 

Class Setting: This class will use Nearpod (an award winning student engagement platform) as the teaching platform, and include practical discussions, activities, games, and educational video clips. The virtual setting provides students a fun way to keep learning through various activities designed especially for online delivery.

Teaching methodology: We will use games and hands-on exercises to provide students opportunities to learn, make mistakes and learn again in a safe environment.

Duration: 1-week 

Recurrence: daily for 1-week, unlimited access to self-paced lessons and activities 

Session Length: 1.5 hour per session 

Grades: 6 through 9

Class size: minimum 3, maximum 10 students (Sibling discounts available. Contact [email protected] for details)

Parent Notes: To monitor and encourage student engagement, cameras must be on, and students must be on the camera for the entire length of the class. Additionally, all participants must be enrolled as students and have their own devices.


About Sumeit Aggarwal:

Sumeit Aggarwal is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Finhive, a social enterprise dedicated to providing financial education to communities and small businesses. She is a Nearpod Certified Educator, an award-winning student engagement platform.

Sumeit earned her Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University, MBA from Babson College and was recently featured by Babson for fighting the gender investment gap. She holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University.


About Us

Finhive is a social enterprise dedicated towards providing educational services designed to build financial capability. Founded in 2017, Finhive is about living a confident and intentional financial life. Our core mission is to build financially educated communities by teaching a set of skills and behaviors that individuals and families need to reach their personal, family, and community financial goals.

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